What is the Best Color Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes?

Hi Ladies. I am absolutely in love with this topic. Why? Well for one thing I am all about complimenting our features and bringing out the best in people. I have always been enthralled with all of the different eye colors people possess. Hazel eyes, like all eye colors, are gorgeous! And with each unique eye color comes secret weapons for creating a work of art. So, what is the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes? Let’s see…

Hazel eyes…I wish

I’m going to tell on myself right now. I am a firm believer in being happy with what you have. But I wish I could sport a spicy pair of hazel eyes sometimes. Let’s face it, no matter what color eyes we have, we have a tendency to sometimes daydream about what it would be like to have an eye color just a tad different than the one we were born with. That being said, if you want live a day or two in the shoes of a hazel eyed cutie, you can. All it takes is a set of hazel color contact lenses and you’re good to go. WARNING! Please, please, please……get an eye exam and a prescription. There are many products that you can get away with getting cheap, fast, and fancy. But this is not one that I support at all. When I was younger, I would go to the local hair stores and walk up to the counter and get all of the color contact colors my heart desired and you couldn’t tell me anything! Little did I know the risks that were involved in taking this shortcut. I won’t go too deep into the dangers today, just trust me when I say that I strenuously object to cheap $5.99 colored contacts that can be bought online or at your local hair supply. Don’t lose your eyesight or your life trying to be cute. Take me at my word. Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, if you think this article isn’t for you, think again. With all of the modern tech, you can have whatever eye color you want any day of the week. The world is your oyster.

Drop a Bronze Bomb on Em

There are three top hazel friendly eyeshadow colors that I recommend. Bronze or gold. Without getting into all the science behinds what makes one person’s eye color appear hazel, and another one’s light brown, dark brown, or blue, just know that the principle colors noticed in hazel eyes is brown, green, and gold/bronze. There are a number of factors that determine what color will stand out the most and some of them are hair color, the color of your clothes, your environment, AND your eyeshadow color. A bronze eyeshadow color will give your face an elegant, warm look. It will draw out the gold tones in your natural or faux hazel peepers.

Do the Green Thing

Everyone is talking about going green. Granted this is not exactly what they are talking about. But let’s not knit pick words lol. Green is such a fun color to play with when it comes to hazel eyes because there are so many shades available and alllll of them uniquely bring out the green notes reflected in your eyes. I find that layering different shades of green gives you a truly exotic look. The darker green color should of course be applied to the crease of your upper lid, gradually blending outwards while applying lighter and/or brighter shades of green. Play with them. It is not likely that you will be disappointed.

Get Down with Brown Like This

People equate brown with blah. This can’t be farther from the truth when it comes to brown eyeshadow and hazel eyes! The next time you are watching tv I want you to pay attention to some of the ladies with hazel eyes. Unless it is a scene with a model that has the intention of being super glammed up, they will likely have on a nice neutral color. More than likely it will be brown. This is a great color to use when you want to look like a hot n spicy chicken sandwich, but not like you are trying to hard. It Is BEAUTIFUL ladies. Try it. You will love it. Remember, sometimes less is more. Now don’t get me wrong. I love bright bold colors just as much as the next chic. But don’t neglect the basics in the color wheel. Bright is pretty, and a nice attention getter and conversation starter. However, I have to say that I have gotten just as many compliments on my makeup and have been solicited for makeup tips when only wearing nice neutral, natural color. I’m just sayin. Trust me on this and give it a try.


If you want to be the show stopper of the night, then go for it! Think peacock colors. Metallic greens, blues, and golds really make the night.  There is truly something mesmerizing about this color combo Ladies. Be prepared to soak in a ton of compliments. There are endless ways to rock this trio. However. The easiest and most common way is to apply your gold shadow in the inner corner, the green in the middle, and the blue on the outer corner. Make sure to blend each into the neighboring color so that there is a seamless flow of one color into the next. Play around with the order or color and see what you like the most. Everyone is different. It’s your world!

You Go Girl

Pointers are nice, just like sugar and spice. Now it’s time to take what you know and roll the dice. I can’t stress this enough…… Have Fun! Try something different. You may hate it or you may love it. You know unless you give it a go. Have you ever had a friend insist on making you try something on in the store that looked absolutely hideous on the hanger, and then once you put it on you knew it was “The One”? The same concept applies to experimenting with eyeshadow colors. Don’t get stuck in your head and think that a certain color or look would never look good on you. You could be missing out on finding your signature color combination. Remember that even in your worst-case scenario, there are always makeup removing wipes. So, don’t hold back. Pick some of these gorgeous colors and start painting on your already beautiful canvas. You got this!

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